Well? The world didn’t end and it looks as if most of us are still going to be around for a bit. Good thing, because I whittled up the last Wood Spirit for 2019. Since it got late, I’m going to post the picture here in 2020. How’s that for traveling through time.

Just a 2″ x 2″ x 5 3/4″ piece of white pine that’s got a spirit inside

A bit of curiousity, some imagination and a pencil will get you this

This is my little whittling buddy. A flexcut carving knife. Absolutely LOVE it!

With the flexcut knife I get down into the wood a bit

Finally, I’ll use that same knife to whittle in some details

It’s taken me a year to figure this out. And I’m still learning every time I start a new project. Although the cuts are almost always similar, the wood changes. This particular piece is done in white pine. I’ll use this wood a lot because I have it. I prefer basswood though. A good piece of basswood will hold the details better then pine.

So that’s it for my last wood spirit of 2019 and my first post of 2020.

Have a blessed year!