Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carvings Who’d have guessed that a guy who dedicated his life to holding a steering wheel and delivering goods around the country would end up using chainsaws and chisels to create cool stuff. Certainly not me.

Yet, here I am. A chainsaw carver!

It Began With A Pocketknife

Have you ever wanted to try something, so you do a Google search, and the next thing you know, you’re borrowing money for a pocketknife and whittling a rooster?

┬áThat’s what happened to me around December of 2018. By March of 2020 I was carving logs and stumps with chainsaws and chisels with a dash of powertool thrown in the mix.

The end results look something like what you see in the picture below;

Learn Chainsaw Carving

Learning chainsaw carving wasn’t something I was planning on. It was good old fashioned wood carving, with chisels and mallet, that I’d wanted to do.

The problem was, I wanted to carve bigger then a my hands could handle. Carving of any type is hard on parts of the body, but 10 hour days a of removing large chunks of a log by hand was getting to me.

After watching a bunch of videos on Youtube, I’d decided to give chainsaw carving a try. It wasn’t long before I was doing my first show and showing others how I was learning chainsaw carving.

Chainsaw Carving Tools

Chainsaw carving tools don’t come cheap, but there are some good affordable ones that I use and review.

Obviously, you’ll need a chainsaw. I tend to do a lot of chisel work as well, once I’m doing details.

Power tools, such as an angle grinder and die grinder also help.

Although I can’t tell you which brand is best because everyone has their own preference, I can make a few recommendations on which tool to use to get the job done, from the ones I’ve burnt up from hard use.